Infuse Your Way to Wellness

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We offer invigorating and highly-customized IV therapy in Rhode Island so you can not only feel better, faster… But also enjoy rapid healing and recovery tailored to your unique wellness needs. Together, we’re advancing holistic health, one drip at a time
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The Problem

Most of us dream of optimal health and wellness: healthy but delicious food choices, weight loss, restful sleep, lots of energy. But overwork, tight finances, family obligations, lack of time and more can keep us stuck in an unhealthy cycle of stress and illness. We battle:

  • decreased energy and motivation
  • fatigue
  • pain
  • headaches
  • dehydration
  • weight loss issues
IV Hydration can be the boost you need to start winning these battles – and achieve the wellness you’ve been dreaming of!

The Solution

While eating healthy and taking your vitamins are steps in the right direction, all essential vitamins aren’t properly absorbed when they go through the digestive system. In fact, less than 50% are actually absorbed. Enter IV Therapy: the perfect way to effectively absorb 100% of nutrients. Infusion therapy bypasses the gut and is directly infused into the bloodstream for maximum absorption.


Our intensive IV hydration therapy drips use a potent blend of electrolytes and absorption-enhancing vitamins to recharge your system in a fraction of the time.


We make it easy to enhance your wellness routine and recover quickly with nutrient dense IV therapy solutions designed to eliminate deficiencies and enhance naturally balanced living.


Cleansing your system of unwanted toxins has never been so. simple. Our IV infusion therapy helps you flush out the bad and enhance the good, all at once.

How We Help

IV Drips

Most drips will be infused through placing of Iv catheter and run over the course of 45 mins to 1 hour.


IM Injections

IM injections are given directly into muscles of your choice being your Upper arms, Thighs, Buttocks, or Abdomen.


Not Sure Which IV Drip Therapy Is Right For You?

Our in-house holistic healing experts are here to make sure none of your wellness needs go untreated, creating customized vitamin infusions based around your most pressing health concerns.
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