We Believe True Healing Begins with IV Vitamin Therapy

Rhode Island Drip, our mission is simple…

We provide holistic health alternatives designed to fight off preventable illness, encourage natural healing and empower our clients to embrace life as the most vibrant versions of themselves.

And it all begins with your next carefully curated IV vitamin therapy .

Since opening our doors in 2022 our resident vitamin infusion aficionado, Lauren, has been serving up innovative IV therapy in the Rhode Island area, delivered with a warm welcome and a friendly smile.

After embarking on her own journey to enhanced wellness, Lauren quickly discovered that these ultra potent infusions held the previously untapped ability to boost the body’s own healing powers with NO pain or nasty side effects required.

Designed With Your Needs In Mind

We know trying new health solutions can be scary. That’s why we take the time to connect with you on a personal level, so you can begin the path towards better living with confidence.

We make IV drip therapy accessible for all with custom vitamin blends. We don’t believe in cookie cutter solutions. That’s why our IV infusion therapy blends are made customized to your needs, featuring premium grade electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and every healing property in between.

When you walk through our doors…

You’ll NEVER feel like just another patient. We treat each and every client like the unique individual they truly are, empowering you to embrace wellness on your own terms.

Rhode Island Drip

Lauren Poisson, RN

The idea for Rhode Island Drip started during my journey and passion for health and wellness. This mission began after my cancer diagnosis in 2017. My treatment plan consisted of nine months of high dose chemotherapy. After those nine months I had finally reached remission, the excitement was uncontainable but short lived. Less than 2 years later my WORST nightmare, the cancer was back! My oncologist recommended a bone marrow transplant, a procedure that requires the strongest dosage of chemotherapy possible, simultaneously killing all cells in my body. I was getting a whole new me. It was the beginning again; I was reborn, and my journey began to try and protect my health as well as my family’s.

Welcome to my journey for health derived on a cellular basis. Maintaining the proper function of our bodies to keep us healthy is hardly ever explored. We only seek help when we are sick, and the solution is often pharmaceuticals. But what about when we are healthy? I am here to flip the script, take care of your body while you are healthy and help you achieve health and wellness. Cellular health is where it all begins. Our bodies generate new cells daily; cellular generation happens just as fast as the cells are destroyed. This is due to the compilation of free radicals we absorb and consume. Things like the shampoo we use, the dishes we eat our food from, the perfume we put on and the air we breathe. So, what is the solution to protecting our health at a level that heals us within? Intravenous infusion therapy, a therapy that has been proven to be highly effective and helps our systems repair health at a cellular level and restore the damage that has occurred from the inside out.

“Just eat healthy and take your vitamins.” While this is true, it is nearly impossible to absorb all the vitamins and minerals our bodies need from healthy foods and oral vitamin intake. Many of us already deal with GUT issues making it very difficult for our already damaged intestinal tract to absorb the nutrients our bodies need. With intravenous therapy, the intestinal tract isn’t needed for nutrient absorption: our cells are directly infused and absorb all the nutrients being given. This therapy begins the journey to restorative cellular health and over all wellness!

Rhode Island Drip